# Documentation

# Quick Start Guide

# Docker

To get started using docker you can use the command below as a reference. The application runs on port 4545 so whichever port you choose needs to be redirected to 4545. You also need to provide a username, password, uri including protocol and port, and sitename for the Unifi server.

A full list of enviroment variables can be found here

docker run -d \
-p 80:4545 \
-e USERNAME=ubnt \
-e PASSWORD=password \
-e URI=https://unifi.jamiewood.io \
-e SITENAME=default \
-e SECRET=secretString \
-e AUTH=none \
-e REDIRECTURL=https://google.com \

Once started navigate to the pathguest/s/$SITENAME/ to test splash page.

You then need to configure the unifi portal to look at this container. To do this go to the Unifi Control panel -> Guest Control -> Enable Guest Control -> External Portal Server -> Add the IP Address or DNS Name of your server / container host.

# Authentication

# None

Automatically authorises users to the Wi-Fi without using authentication. Will display a "Connect to Wi-Fi" button which will be automatically clicked if JavaScript is available.

# Basic

Display a basic authentication page requiring the users name and email address to continue.

# Custom

Allows you to bring your own authentication page by mounting custom.html inside the container. Rememeber that users cannot load external assets until you are authorised so you must bundle these in the custom.html page. ParcelJS (opens new window) can help with this.

See Bind Mounts

At a minimum the page you provide must send a POST request to /authorise. You can look at either noAuth.html (opens new window) or basic.html (opens new window) as a reference.

# Bind Mounts

# Custom Auth Page

-v /pathToAuthPageDirectory:/usr/src/app/public

# Environment Variables

Name Example Description
USERNAME ubnt your unifi controller username
PASSWORD password your unifi controller password
URI https://unifi.jamiewood.io your unifi controller uri
SITENAME default the sitename in your unifi controller
SECRET myrandomstring a secret for the express user session
AUTH none|basic|custom the auth page you want to display
REDIRECTURL https://google.com the page to redirect to after auth